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the pursuit of pleasure as divine

The Ethical Hedonism Community
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This journal was created to fulfill two purposes:
  • To discuss hedonism (the pursuit of pleasure) as a spiritual or ethical path in life and
  • to nurture and discuss the Ethicalhedonism.info website.

    Discussion we'd like to see here, in addition to discussion of the site: how you came to hedonism, how you make your hedonism ethical, experiences you have had where hedonism was rewarding/benefited your life/taught you a lesson, laws and news affecting hedonists, opportunities to be activists for hedonistic causes, etc. The genuinely off-topic will be deleted but many things are on-topic. Please no quiz results or reposts from your personal journal that have only 1 sentence that applies to the topic.

    Some stuff we want for the site: essays, rants, guidelines on the topic, personal stories about hedonism in your life, and the like. We can theoretically put almost anything there except photographic pornography (a restriction of my domain host) and the webmaster wants the site to be mostly/all text anyway. todfox is seeking contributors to the site at this time or in the future. Authors will retain all copyright for things they write.

    This community is maintained by todfox. He says, "I felt that a website devoted to spreading information on the ethical pursuit of pleasure and how it can be a valid path for living, or to get people to rethink the preconceived notions they hold of a 'hedonist.' To me, thinking hedonism is essentially ethical hedonism because you understand that providing pleasure should bring you pleasure, too -- both immediately and by increasing the amount of pleasure and happiness in the world at large." You can contact him via email at todfox at livejournal dot com.