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Society of Voluptuaries open to new members - Ethical Hedonism Community

About Society of Voluptuaries open to new members

Previous Entry Society of Voluptuaries open to new members May. 13th, 2006 @ 11:23 am Next Entry
Some of you may be aware I run a private, Livejournal based writer's group known as the Society of Voluptuaries. The group was designed, according to our FAQ, "for hedonists who love to write, who, indeed, derive great pleasure from the experience of writing, but find that sometimes they need encouragement to do so." We do this by having minimal but (somewhat) rigid requirements for participation -- basically, everyone agrees to submit at least one work to the group for critique per month and to critique at least one fellow members' writing per month.

We have been running the Society for a few months now, and while it has been successful in encouraging at least some of us to write, we would like to see a more active group and are ready to open ourselves up to new members again. If this sounds like something which interests you, please check out our FAQ and guidelines and follow the instructions for applying. We are open to all styles of writing.
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